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up. >> paul kevin curtis is once again a free man. curtis was arrested last week accused of sending letters poisoned with ricin to president obama, a u.s. senator, and a county judge. on tuesday, the justice department dropped the charges against him, saying quote, the investigation has revealed new information. >> when you have been charged with something and you just never heard of it, ricin or whatever. i said i don't eat rice. >> curtis' release comes as the fbi released the home. to search for evidence that could link him to the letters. after searching curtis' house, an fbi agent testified in court, investigators could not find ricin or any other evidence tieing curtis to the letters. curtis, says the fbi clearly got the wrong man. and he says he just wants to get back to his life. >> find out what normal is again. >> curtis' defense attorney says his man being investigated by the fbi knows curtis and holds a grudge against him. >> anything bad that happened in his life, he has somehow managed to believe that he is responsible for it. >> while agents searched the second ho
magistrate judge had all charges against paul kevin curtis dismissed without prejudice. >>> in "the l.a. times," l.a. now live is $4.2 million settlement fair? during the manhunt for a fugitive ex-cop two women delivering newspapers were mistakenly shot by lapd officers. >>> here's what we're keeping our eye on this morning. the associated press is the latest victim of a twitter hacking. a bogus tweet said president obama was injured. >>> dow plunged 143 points minutes later. syrian electronic army claimed responsibility. >>> officials now believe the two brothers accused in the boston marathon bombings acted alone. the younger brother still in the hospital told investigators he learned how to build the bomb from an al qaeda magazine online called "inspire." fbi agents are in russia to interview the suspects' parents right now. >>> classes at dartmouth college are closed to focus on fostering debate. received online threats stemming from a friday protest. students decried what they call homophobia, sexual assault and racism on campus. >>> concert goers in argentina were given a differ
-year-old paul kevin curtis of mississippi. the deadly substance. known as ry-sin. both letters were intercepted at screening facilities.and both were post-marked memphis tennessee - april 8th. the white house says, staffers followed a careful drill in handling the letters.and no one was injured. >> jacqueline: it was a new warmer day today. '70s but along the coast we saw cooler conditions with upper 50s and 60s. tonight, clear skies and mild. again, that warming trend will continue for the weekend. the satellite and radar showing clear skies. high-pressure is driving this storm to this north of us. it will stay sunny and warm. temperatures of the door to more will be 40's for the most part. 40's and san francisco. 43 in pleasanton. we are going to warm up rather quickly. 77 degrees in palo alto. '70s and san jose. 70's also for the east bay. and upper 70's for the inland valleys. '70s and danville, livermore, the 60s along the immediate coast. with the sea breezes and 70's in san francisco and for the north brae. a look at your extended forecast. for the north bay-. >> jacqueline:
about too much. >> a suspect identified as paul kevin curtis was arrested at his home in corinth, mississippi. the fbi says he is the man who tried to send two allegedly poisoned letters to president obama and mississippi senator roger wicker. curtis is a colorful character describing himself on his facebook page as a karate enthusiast and elvis impersonator but now the stage is a jail house and mr. curtis is facing serious charges. >> elvis impersonator? yeah. there was sort of a side show aspect to the arrest in this case in mississippi last week which i think helped it drop out of the news. the man who was arrested had this amazing online profile as an entertainer that involved being a country singer as you heard there an elvis impersonator, karate, respect the dragon stuff. also the line that was reportedly printed in those ricin letters, the line i am k.c. and i approve this message is a line this individual used in online postings before. specifically in online postings that sometimes seemed a little nutty or a little paranoid. so the combination of details we had made it s
identified the suspect as 45-year-old paul kevin curtis of corinth, mississippi. the white house says no one there was ever in changer. >> i would underscore that the mail is screened, and these tests are undertaken at remote sites to mitigate the repeat of recipients. >>> a visibly angry president obama is calling this a shameful day after most senate republicans and a handful of democrats combined to vote down key measures intended to tighten federal gun control laws. >> the amendment is not agreed to. >> in rapid succession, the senate blocked measures that would have expanded background checks for gun purchase. president obama met with the victims of the newtown school shooting victims. he denounced senators who he said caved to political pressure. >> families that know unspeakable grief summon the petition to fight there local leaders not to honor the memory of their children, but to protect the lives of all of our children. >> a few minutes ago, a minority in the united states senate decided it wasn't worth it. they blocked common sense reforms even while these families looked on from
in court today. paul kevin curtis is accused of sending the letters. turns out he met paul kevin curtis before. no plea was entered today. >>> authorities in texas charged a former justice of the peace with murder in connection with the death of a district attorney and his wife and the january murder of a prosecutor. that comes a day after former justice of the peace eric williams' wife was charged with capital murder. she confessed to taking part in the killings and said her husband was the gunman. he is in custody on $23 million bail. . >>> if you own one you paid extra for it. a license plate, how the dmv is handling the money. >> back here in 10 minutes, a beautiful day, it was warmer again today. it will be warmer in many locations as we get into the five-day forecast. which day on this week is going to be the warmest. i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there. i knew devry university would give me the skills that i needed to make one of those tech jobs mine. we teach cutting-edge engineering technology, computer information systems, networking and communications man
that was for the initial suspect in this case. his name is paul kevin curtis. he said in that hearing he had been framed and he mentioned dutschke as a possible suspect. then on tuesday another twist. curtis was released. all the charges against him were dropped and the attention at that point seem ed to turn to dutschke. now we have turn throughout the course of the week federal agents investigating this case. we have seen agents here at dutschke's house. we have also seen them searching at a former marshal arts studio. we don't know what they found at this point or if that's relative, but we know they were searching on location. now during the week, we have been in contact with his attorney. she said her client has nothing to do with the ricin letters. today in the morning when we reached out to her again to get reaction, she told us a brief statement. she said it was her understanding that authorities have confirmed that dutschke has been arrested and they have no comment at this time. carol? >> it's just hard to believe because aren't authorities alleging he did this because of a grudge against an a
another man, paul kevin curtis. curtis believes he was framed, and identified dutschke as a potential culprit. f-b-i agents searched dutschke's home and former martial arts studio, though it's not clear what they found. when asked this week if he'd ever handled ricin before, dutschke told reporters. >>"no. i wouldn't recognize ricin if i saw it." ennis carlock lives in dutschke's neighborhood, and >>"right now, i'm just glad he's off- out of our neighborhood and i hope they keep him off." the toxic letters read in part: >>"to see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance." each letter had a memphis, tennessee, postmark and no return address. i'm cristina mutchler reporting. if dutschke is convicted, he could face life in prison. he is expected to appear at a u.s. district court in tomorrow. coming up on kron 4 news weekend. the boston marathon bombings and fertilizer plan explosion in texas happened just days apart. we'll hear from a man who survived both tragedies. live look outside. golden let's take a quick look outside this tam let's ch
is laced with the poison to president obama and several legislators -- paul kevin curtis. authorities have turned their attention to a second man connected to curtis. >> to russia now where the trial of russian activists alexei nevalny resume. he is one of the president's most vocal critics. >> if convicted, he could face 10 years in prison and be barred from public office. the trial resumed last week after nevalny's lawyers asked for more time to study the documents. >> local prosecutors dismissed, and the charges two years ago, but moscow ordered them to reopen the case. >> security was tight at the train station ahead of the trial. russian opposition leader aleksei nevalny arrived on the night train. he is accused of embezzling some 400,000 euros worth of timber when he was an adviser to the regional government. >> i am sure that my innocence will be proved here, even if the court does not formally acknowledge it. it will be clear for everyone attending the trial. >> the media have been closely following the proceedings. so have opposition activists. many of whom came from moscow to try
federal custody on bond, according to reuters. paul kevin curtis was released today after a hearing was canceled. curtis from mississippi also is accused of sending the deadly toxin to these state offices that were being investigated. the question is, what does this release mean, why did it happen? joe johns is live with us now with the latest. joe, how do we make sense of this? >> i tell you what, it is quite hard to make sense of it right now, chris. as you said, paul kevin curtis, charged with sending ricin-laced letters to president obama and other officials released suddenly from custody on tuesday. this information comes to us from the united states marshal service in mississippi. the marshal service did not know and could not provide information on the circumstances of the release. only that curtis was no longer in federal custody and this comes just hours after curtis' detention and the preliminary hearing into his case was canceled. this was in the third day of testimony and now there is a press conference involving federal prosecutors and the defendants, defense lawyers. t
on this with the panel. a strange story. we will hear from paul kevin curtis. a hazardous materials team is investigating another possible tainted letter this time a military facility. senator harry reid said it is joint base anna cost i can't bowling. the two suspects in what canadian officials say was a plot to derail a passenger plane in court today. neither entered a pleavment one said the allegations were based on appearances. men had direction and guidance from al qaeda terrorists in iran. the iranian foreign ministry denies involvement. amid the misery in boston, the show of gratitude from journalists. we'll explain that later in the grapevine. up next, the misery is far for over from air travelers delayed by the sequester. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we
in very minute quantities. >> reporter: tonight federal officials say a suspect named paul kevin curtis has been arrested in mississippi and will be charged with sending the letterers. the fbi sees no relationship with the bombings in boston. still there is an eerie coincidence with the anthrax attacks after 9/11. also unrelated but frightening nonetheless. brian? >> andrea mitchell in washington. andrea, thanks. >>> we're back in a moment with a big apology from an airline ceo after a big nightmare day for travellers. >>> the united kingdom said good-bye to margaret thatcher today. the funeral at st. paul's cathedral attended by the queen, dignitaries from 170 countries around the world, and all four of maggie thatcher's successors including the current prime minister, david cameron. thatcher's 19-year-old american-born granddaughter amanda gave a reading from the bible. thousands of londoners lined the route to show respect and some protested amid heavy security. margaret thatcher, the so-called iron lady, died last week at 87. we have posted a full report on the day in london by kier
of sending poison letters. federal agents arrested paul kevin curtis for allegedly sending letters contaminated with ricin to president obama and senator roger wick of mississippi. before the letters reached senate offices or white house they were found in mail facilities. >>> the investigation of the boston marathon bombings is focusing on the search for a suspect seen in a department store surveillance video. the man with the backpack was seen at the site of the explosions on monday which killed three people and injured 170. investigators say the suspect was seen dropping off a bag near the finish line but don't know yet his identity. >>> time now for a look ahead. president obama and the first lady will be in boston today. they will participate in an interfaith service at the cathedral of the holy cross dedicated to those who were killed or wounded in the boston marathon bombings. >>> a hearing today on capitol hill on homeland security. dhs secretary janet napolitano is scheduled to testify before a house hearing on the department's 2014 budget. >>> and today is national high f
to paul kevin curtis of tupelo, mississippi. he was arrested at his home in mississippi, as authorities try to figure out what the motive was here. three letters that tested positive for potentially dangerous ricin. the one sent to senator wicker never made it to capitol hill. it was intercepted. one sent to president obama was intercepted offsite. all of them postmarked april 8th. and all postmarked for memphis. what gave it away was the common signature. i am kevin curtis and i approve this message, at the end of the letters. the test on the first letter to wicker, had proved inconclusive. and the second one, as well. they're trying to figure out how potent this ricin was. and while it initially tested positive, the further tests by the fbi have been inconclusive. they ordered more as they continue to investigate. >> all right, tracie potts in washington. thanks so much for that. >>> after a rollercoaster day of reports on the investigation into the boston bombings, it appears authorities have pictures of their suspect. the front page of this morning's "boston globe" claims authoritie
of justice said this morning 45-year-old paul kevin curtis faces two federal charges of threatening the president and others. he was arrested about 100 piles from where the letters were mailed. through his attorney, he said he is innocent and surprised he was arrested. >> a witness has come forward to a brazen smash-and-grab robbery last night in concord sun valley mall. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us. this happened while customers were still in the store? >> that is right. it was very brazen. we met a woman at jewelry counter and she realized what was happening and the counter was being robbed. she said it was very scary. >> conquered police say three men robbed the concord macy's jewelry counter at gunpoint while the store was open. she was trying to return jewelry and walked up on the robbery. >> people really didn't know what was going on, we all just froze which is not quite the reaction you think you would have if that moment. >> police say no one was hurt but witnesses say i was step -- terrifying. >> it was hard to tell, a man was maybe kicking the woman who was
it is appearing in court. paul kevin curtis was arrested yesterday at his home and faces charges of threatening the president and others. according to the affidavit the letters were sent to roger wicker, the president and the judge says maybe i have your attention now maybe if it means someone must die. his attorney says he is innocent. >>> the boston marathon bomb attack has led to extra security at sporting events across the country including here in the bay area. there will be heightened security at tonight's sharks game at ph pavilion, more officers on duty, fans may be patted down and checked with wands and bomb sniffing dogs used before the game. people we talked with said they welcome that added security. >> i think the response is warranted although i think that a lot of people are worried about the things going on. i think there should be height inned security but not a sense of fear. >> i think it is a good thing. i think the more they react to it the less likely somebody are willing to do things. >> fans are adviceed to show up early due to added security. >>> they are also getting r
confirmed due to a second round of tests. today, 45-year-old paul kevin curtis was in a mississippi courtroom charged with making threats against president obama, mississippi senator roger wicker, and a local county judge. curtis happens to be an elvis impersonator. senator wicker hired him a decade ago to work at an event. a lawyer for curtis said he was innocent. officials say none of this was related to the boston bombings this week. >>> still ahead for us on this thursday night, cars swallowed whole during a morning commute. flooding so bad the ground is giving way in some places. a lot of folks are in for a wild one ahead. later the warning today from the f.a.a. the reason for major flight delays starting this weekend at a lot of the best known airports across this country. >>> take a look at the national radar and look at the front cutting north to south and moving to the east. it's a huge weather system stretching from the mexican border all the way into canada, dumping torrents of rain, snow, hail, spawning tornadoes along the way. it's left a lot of damage behind. the chica
kevin curtis fuera a t corte donde se declaro inocetnt . >> tambiÉn una segunda purebrue que dice que tenÍan veneno , los hombres se mandaron de memphis pero los interceptaron los sob sobres . >> con esto uyna pausa .>> meen washington los "los 8 r presnetan la propuesta formal de rmieforma de migratoria . >> caos epor lluvias en chicago ♪. hoy en washington importante a pasipa paso en la ccarretera a rmigefo de migratoria integemos detalles . >> simplemente es la mejor op oportunidad que yo he visto en 20 aÑos . >> en frente unido estos 4 de demÓcratas . >> y 4 republicanos , . >> defendieron a capa y espada para reformar el sit de stema r miginmigraciÓn . >> hablando -- inglÉs . >> dijo que es un dÍa lleno de e esperanza .>> este no es el momento de d descansar es momento de trabajar mÁs, si lo hacemos este aÑo hay rmieforma de migratoria . >> refuerza deseseguridad en f r frotneras, tnambiÉn opciÓn a 11 millones de personas de tener la ciudadania . >> no he tenido la esperanza mÁs cerca .>> hace diÍas en programas d o conservadores, se pooponen , m arremeten co
for paul kevin curtis says his client is innocent. court documents show curtis believed the government was trying to smear him for covering a conspiracy. an attorney said curtis has be diagnosed as bipolar. >>> a disgraced justice of the peace is charged with the murders of a texas director. eric lyle williams was arrested saturday. his wife named her husband as the gunman. williams was convicted on theft charges last year. he lost his law license and job as a result. the slain da and assistant prosecuted that case. kim williams is charged with murder. authorities allege she was the get away driver. >>> a state audit finds the state failed to collect as much as $22 million meant for causes ranging from the environment to veterans. the department of motor vehicles undercharged and famed to collect fees on inactive plates. a separate investigation last year found that money from a september 11th memorial plate was diverted to other use. >>> twitter launched a new music discovery app today. the app is called hashtag music. it suggests songs and music users may like. the songs are streamed
magistrate released paul kevin curtis. tonight prosecutors dropped all charges against him in connection with those letters containing ricin that went to president obama and mississippi senator roger wicker last week. curtis, an occasional elvis impersonator, had been arrested on charges of sending those letters, but investigators say the fbi found no evidence of ricin when they searched his home. he's been in jail since last week. today the fbi also searched a second mississippi location. the tupelo home of an man named j. everett duchky. he's an acquaintance and sometime adversary of curtis. he also says he's innocent. another incident, the defense intelligence agencies say alarms went off today at a mail facility at bolling air base here in washington indicating the possible presence of dangerous toxins. further tests found no specific package related to those alarms, so they're taking more samples. bottom line, the fbi clearly got the wrong man in the first case and whoever is sending these letters may still be out there. >> andrea mitchell with an update on that, thanks. >>> a packa
letters to president obama and two other people. paul kevin curtis was released because new information has been revealed. the letters were intercepted before they reached their targets. the mexican president has suspended planned reforms to the banking sector if because of a dispute with opposition parties. as one of the first major challenges for him, who came to power in december, the legislation was meant to increase lending in a plan that he had agreed to with the opposition. his concern was the dispute could affect the progress with other forms. now more from mexico city. ishenrique pena nieto calling for them to work out an agreement with reforms that he has launched since he took office in december. but right now it's at a standstill. opposition parties have said they don't want to take part for now and are accusing him and his government of funneling millions of dollars through the social development programs run by his government in order to mobilize millions of voters to go to the polls to vote for his party in the upcoming state election. this accusation has a lot of weight,
's coming up on the "today" show show. an exclusive interview with paul kevin curtis, the man accused of sending ricin to the president and other officials and cleared. >>> and former president george w. bush and first lady laura at the bush presidential library. >> now keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm richard lui with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today." just your first stop of the day on your nbc station. have a great day! . . >>> a car slams right into a south bay home. we'll let you know what officers say led up to this crash. >>> plus, two bay area daycare owners accused of child abuse. what officers said they did leaving babies with health problems. >> is. >> let's take you live from san francisco, a look at the embarcadero getting very close to the weekend, thursday, april 25th. this is "today in the bay." >>> it is right now, 4:30. >> on laura garcia cannon. want to check that morning commute. it is early. let's check in with
. >> reporter: that was an interview on tuesday. this as we learn of a bizarre between him and paul kevin curtis. elvis impersonator taken in early in the investigation. later we saw those charges placing threats in the mail dropped. he is due in federal court on monday and suggesting that her client may have been framed. authorities have not released how they linked letters to him. he does appear to have personal ties to at leas the three people who were addressed in the letters. >> heather: part of that involved who was in fact a member of menza and very twisted trail. thank you very much. >> eric: on this sunday morning, the world is watching president obama for his next move on syria. this week the white house announced they believe that the syrian regime did deploy chemical weapons on its own people in the use of chemical weapons has been a so-called red line announced by president obama as so-called, quote, game changer. the use of chemical weapons could trigger a is u.s. response. >> a red line for us, we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> i
is surprised by his arrest. paul kevin curtis made his first courpearce today. the letters were intercepted by mail testing falities they never reached the president or the senator. preliminary results show that they do contain the deadly poison ricin. family members say curtis felt he was mistreated by the government. if convicted he faces 15 years in jail. >>> back home a bay area anniversary forced to change gears for the first time in over 100 years. san francisco marked the 107th anniversary of the great quake. kpix 5's elissa harrington tells us that was not enough to break tradition. >> reporter: that's right. organizers did have to scramble to make some last-minute changes but all in all, ceremonies went off without a hitch including the painting of the historic fire hydrant in the mission district, a fitting color considering firefighters tell me it's worth its weight in gold. it's an annual tradition in san francisco a day of events to commemorate the 1906 earthquake starting at 5:12 a.m., the exact time the ground started shaking. this year, there was a bit of a shake-up. police
that be sure to look for his new album "cleared ricin suspect." that is paul kevin curtis. i want to reiterate this, he's been completely cleared in this investigation. it turns out the elvis impersonator may have been framed for the crime of sending deadly poison to the president by j. everett dutschke, angry that he was removing his campaign bumper stickers. this is not a cunning terror plot. it's david lynch trect an episode of "mamma's family." ( laughter ) but i gotta give curtis his due. i have seldom seen anyone make a more entertaining use of his 15 minutes. >> let it, known, if you need the megarepresentation, this is the person. >> right now my-- i can't really afford to pay her the million that she's worth. >> oh whatever! >> but i am a licensed certified reflexologist, and i'm going to start with foot massage therapy with christie, who is going to be my first client and i'm going to donate 100,000 hours to community service in northeast mississippi to all you ladies who need foot massage therapy. ( cheers and applause ). >> jon: he seems like a good guy. the only thing -- at least
the wrong guy? paul kevin curtis has been released, the charges have been dropped, and from all accounts, he was not the right guy, even though his letters seemed to be similar to the phrases -- or -- >> the search happened after he was charged in sending it is letters. the charge was based entirely on the fact that letters he had previously sent to congress seemed to be extremely similar in wording, phrases, pet phrases, same sort of issues that were in the letters accompanies the ricin mailings, so it was based on that and the address and where the letters came from, the postmark and so forth, that led the fbi to charge paul kevin curtis. then they searched his house, found no evidence of ricin, concluded that this must have been some kind of setup by someone else, in essence he was being framed and now they're trying to figure out who that other person was. >> we know they had searched both the home and another location. do we have any indication they were getting closer to the source of they letters. >> no, we're waiting to hear the results of those searches. >> thank you very much, pete
at the center of a conspiracy. paul kevin curtis, three names, the mississippi man charged with sending ricin-laced letters to the national leaders has been released on bond. according to the fbi, who ever that is, it eluded to the notion that curtis had long thought to expose the trafficking of human body parts. my favorite trafficking. he had written about it on facebook. i am on the hidden front lines of a secret war, body tissue, body parts, black market. my mother wants me to shut up. good mom, actually. but curtis explains, when he got too close to uncovering the truth, they burned down my home, killed my dogs, my cats and he had a rabbit and blew up the 1966 plymouth valiant. terrible. it appears he actually was targeted and framed for the ricin attacks. the elvis i'm impersonator thinks he knows who did it. an enemy from the could i- from the tie -- tie kahn dough class. >> he said he stood out in the parking lot at the hotel saying he hates you. i would beg him, you have known him for how many years and took taekwondo from him. i don't know if as a martial arts conflict and if he wan
, of course this whole thing came to light because this man whose name is paul kevin curtis allegedly sent letters that at least initially tested positive with the poison ricin to not just the white house but also to senator roger wicker who is from mississippi. and just moments ago senator wicker spoke for the first time about this, told our producer. but he actually knows this man because he is an elvis impersonator back in mississippi. and senator wicker and his wife actually hired him a few years back to help at a party they were throwing he said for a young couple. but he went onto say that his impression is that since then this man, paul kevin curtis, mental state has deteriorated and that is pretty clear in the letters -- the text of the letters that went along with what appears to be the poison ricin. it certainly looks like he has some issues mentally, there's no question about it. so we're going to see what happens in mississippi, but he should be charged according to the justice department as we speak down there. >> couple things, dana, one, they can always add charges, right? t
out of memphis. paul kevin curtis has been released from custody. the question is, why? there is going to be a news conference at 6:00 p.m. eastern. you can see it live in the situation room with wolf blitzer. but, first, to crime and justice correspondent joe johns. he's tracking this case. so, joe, we have been talking about this today, it is unusual in a case like this when you see momentum shift this way. any further information into why he was released or what the conditions are of that release? >> chris, we have gotten a lot of radio silence from the authorities. the justice department in washington so far has no comment. all they're saying, stating the obvious, that the investigation into this curious case is continuing. paul kevin curtis charged with sending ricin-laced letters to president obama and other officials, was released suddenly from custody on tuesday. the united states marshal's office in mississippi is saying that. marshal's office did not know the circumstances of this release. and only that curtis was no longer in federal custody and that this comes after curtis'
letters laced with ricin to president obama. what paul kevin curtis is saying about his arrest. a lot more news from boston and the world, when we come back. but i wondered what a customer thought? describe the first time you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed correctly i have confidence knowing that if i take to ford it's going to be done correctly with the right parts and the right people. get a free brake inspection and brake pads installed for just 49.95 after rebates when you use the ford service credit card. did you tell him to say all of that? no, he's right though... ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. >>> the search is on after a man is cleared for sending ricin tainted letters to the president. victor blackwell has more. >> reporter: ta house is being searched, but there is no confirmat
. >> that was paul kevin curtis appearing at a news conference last night after charges of sending ricin laced letters to president obama and a senator from mississippi was dropped and curtis was released from jail. the sometime elvis impersonator was arrested last wednesday but in a case that gets more bizarre, investigators say the fbi found no evidence of ricin at the home or in curtis' car. >> divine intervention led this amazing beautiful, blue eyed angel to my jail cell. through my daughter and connection with her friend. my daughter has a direct link to jesus. i respect president obama. i love my country. i would never do anything to pose a threat to him or any other u.s. official. >> what are your plans right now? what are your immediate plans? >> i need to find my cow. she got loose when homeland security swarmed in on me when i went to check my mail. >> the dog is safe. we don't know who the real ricin suspect is. we do know authorities have searched the home of the man who allegedly feuded with paul kevin curtis. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us now. wher
-old paul kevin curtis of mississippi. the deadly substance. is known as ry-sin. both letters were facilities. and both were post-marked memphis, tennessee - april 8th. the white house says, staffers followed a careful drill in handling the letters. and no one was injured. >> jacqueline: we are seeing some pretty mild conditions. '70s in napa. it is going to be a mild night tonight. we can see that through the bay bridge toll plaza. even warmer tomorrow with that warming trend continuing. it is because of the high pressure. that is well to the north we can see that it is driving up towards washington. it will keep our sky is clear. temperatures in the 50s bay- area wide. quickly getting to the '60s and '70s. widespread 70's for the 3:00 p.m. hour with the 60s for the immediate coast. temperatures in your neighborhood. '70s in the south bay, even upper 70's! 78 in cupertino. we will see temperatures in the upper 70's in concord, pleasanton, 80s in antioch. temperatures in the low 70's the same for the peninsula. and 70's also for the north bay low 60s for the coast. the sea breezes
45 year-old paul kevin curtis of mississippi. the deadly substance inside those letters is known as ry-sin. both letters were intercepted at screening facilities, and both were postmarked memphis tennessee--april 8th. the white house says, staffers followed a careful drill and handling the letters, and no one was injured. >> the u.s. senate has blocked a proposal to expand background checks on gun sales. the plan failed to get the 60 votes needed to pass. the move sparked anger from president obama and disappointment from the parents of schoolchildren who were massacred just four months ago in newtown, connecticut. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords, who was severely injured in gun violence, also stood by the president's side, if she is quoted as being furious that the measure did not pass and accused the opposing senators of " cowardice ". the final vote tally was 54 to 46. the proposal was part of a compromise that was struck by a democratic and a republican senator. it was backed by president obama, but it faced fierce opposition from the national rifle association. a ban on
gutman has the portrait of this man coming into focus tonight. ♪ >> reporter: this is paul kevin curtis, the man in custody for allegedly terrorizing the federal government for two days. ♪ a flamboyant celebrity impersonator with his own youtube channel and an unusual ring letters to the government from this sleepy mississippi town. and accordg investigators, on april 8th, three of his letters were laced with the toxic chemical ricin. "there are still missing pieces. maybe i have your attention now, even if that means someone has to die." the form letters were sent to president obama, senator roger wicker of mississippi, and mississippi judge sadie holland, who opened hers. >> a white kind of like grainy-type substance loose in the envelope. >> reporter: prosecutors say the missing pieces in the letters could refer to curtis' obsession with the sale of black market body parts. he's even written a book and tweeted about it. >> reporter: in a statement, his brother said, "we have no reason to believe kevin would be involved. we love him, and look forward to getting answers to make sens
. investigators in gas masks descended on the mississippi home of paul kevin curtis yesterday. you see here but it's not clear what they found. now, in addition to the president, curtis is charged with mailing the now weapon -- the nonweaponized ricin to senator roger wicker and to a mississippi judge, curtis is an elvis impersonator who recently posted comments online about government conspiracy theories. we also have new information about that oklahoma dentist accused of reusing dirty equipment. nearly 60 people in the tulsa area have now tested positive for hepatitis and hiv. investigators are working to determine if there is a link to the dentist. thousands of his patients were urged to get tested. dr. scott harrington allegedly used dirty needles and rusty equipment and could face criminal charges. >>> rutgers university has reached a settlement with its fired men's basketball coach. mike rice was dismissed after being caught on video doing things like this, hitting, kicking, taunting players with homophobic slurs and the school will pay him $475,000 for the remaining two years on his contrac
to the president, a u-s senator and a local judge. they've now been through paul kevin curtis's home -- they're also searching his computers. curtis is a sometimes elvis impersonator.who family members say suffers from bipolar disorder. through his lawyer - curtis has denied sending the letters.which led to evacuations last week. the letters were intercepted and no one was hurt. the lawyer has suggested in court that an enemy may have framed curtis. >> pam: former new york state representative anthony weiner has returned to the forum that led to his political downfall in 2011 -- launching a new twitter account. weiner's new twitter account is fueling speculation that he may be planning a run for new york city mayor. weiner stepped down from his office in congress in june 2011 after he was caught sending lewd photos and messages to multiple women through social media. 'you have to see it to >> jacqueline: we hit 91 of the napa to that same thing for several rows of oakland same thing and not 90 with 88 degrees. he was 82 in downtown sever cisco satellite ryder picture shows clear skies of the
agente del fbi haba testificado en la corte que no haba evidencia de ricina en casa de paul kevin curtis. ---en tanto, las autoridades allanaron el martes la casa de otro hombre de misisip, en relacin con el caso. stop open blanca ---los 3 adolescentes acusados de violar a la adolescente audrie pott... take vo ...ya han sido liberados del centro de detencion juvenil y se encuentran bajo arresto domiciliario. ---los 3 menores tambien tienen que portar grilletes electronicos que vigilan sus movimientos las 24 horas al dia. ---si no obedecen todas las condiciones del arresto domiciliario, los menores tendrian que ser encarcelados y comparecer ante un juez. ---la familia de la menor, emitio un comunicado en el que dicen que buscan que los acusados sean procesados como adultos y que ademas, buscan la creacion de una nueva ley para evitar tragedias como la de audrie. cesar ---un voraz incendio consumio gran parte de un departamento... take vo ---el siniestro se registro poco despues de las once de la maÑana en una unidad habitacional ubicada sobre la calle "dempsey road" en milpitas... --las
for the investigation into ricin laced letters. all charges against 45-year-old paul kevin curtis now dropped. >> when you've been charged with something, you've never heard of ricin or whatever. i thought they said rice. i said i don't even eat rice. >> reporter: curtis was released today a week after the arrest. he was charged of sending ricin to the president. >> i respect president obama, i love my country and i would never do anything to pose a threat to him or any other u.s. official. >> the government was able to basically find another suspect who we believe is the true perpetrator of this heinous crime. >> reporter: investigators returned to another person's home where they previously searched. the man maintains his innocence. >> the paranoid anti government schizophrenic is the one that wraps up me who is in his fantasy world. who is a patriotic american. >> reporter: meanwhile a military official saying, a report of a suspicious letter at the bowling air force base turned out to be a false alarm. mail screening for a minute alerted officials to the possible presence of a toxic but no suspici
in poison letters to obama hours after paul kevin curtis was released on bond the investigators yesterday said they found no evidence of the potentially deadly poison in the man's home or his car and the fbi is investigating other potential suspects and we're told it will be another month before a federal court decides whether the faa can furlough air traffic controllers because of a sequester, they say. causing flight delays around the country the d.c. circuit court of appeals say because they're such an efficient organization they have set a deadline of may 22nd and the main airline industry group to file documents before denying the request of the emergency stay trying to stop the furlough. they did not think that would be inconvenienced to thousands of workers but both parties are urging the administration to postpone or cancel the furloughs claiming cfa a is a tool with which the administration plays politics. the energy department announces its version of taxpayers using $21 million from troubled car maker fisker automotive. the company on the verge of bankruptcy now with $171 milli
of the letter laced with the deadly poison mailed to the president. we told you police had arrested paul kevin curtis, an elvis impersonator from mississippi. today, curtis walked free, the charges against him dropped, after authorities found no trace of ricin in his car or home. and his lawyers say, he was framed. >>> now on to wall street, and if you were watching the markets today, you saw it. just after 1:00 p.m., a massive nose dive all because of one tweet from a trusted source. the associated press. it said there was an explosion at the white house and president obama was injured. but the tweet was false. the work of disruptive hackers. abc's new chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis explains how it all unfolded. >> reporter: it was the tweet that sent stocks plunging. at 1:07 p.m., breaking news from the associated press, "two explosions in the white house and barack obama is injured." >> stocks higher this afternoon, recovering after a false report of a bombing at the white house. >> hack account on an a.p. twitter feed. >> reporter: the news was false. a hacker's
's home and found no traces, no evidence at all of ricin, this after paul kevin curtis spent one week behind bars. the mississippi man accused of sending those letters to senator wicker, to president obama and to a mississippi judge. but after being released he spoke with his attorney and said that he's looking forward to getting back to normal. here's more of what he said. >> i respect president obama, i love my country and would never do anything to pose a threat to him or any other u.s. official. >> reporter: now authorities are looking at the home of another mississippi man, another man from tupelo who says he's also innocent. he doesn't even know how to make ricin, but they're looking into his home. interestingly the two suspects have had an ongoing feud for years. mara? >> tracie, thank you very much for that. >> well, it's the sound of a bullet proof white board and it's on its way to one minnesota school. the high school is no stranger to school violence. a decade ago a student shot and killed two classmates. now it's the first in the state to get bullet proof white boards. te
. paul kevin curtis released from custody yesterday after investigators found no evidence of ricin at his home. since his arrest last week, curtis has maintained his innocence. >> overwhelming, to say the least. it's overwhelming. when you've been charged with something and you never heard of it, ricin or whatever. i thought they said rice. so, i said, i don't even eat rice. >> fbi agents, mostly wearing hazmat suits have searched another man's house. there's no word on whether they have found anything linked to the case. the man in question says he's innocent, as well. >>> now, to those flood worries in the midwest. hundreds of thousands of sandbags have arrived in fargo, north dakota, where the red river could crest at record levels in the coming days. the sandbags are doing their job in peoria, illinois, holding back floodwaters from the scenic riverfront. the flood threat there is subsiding. and no rain in the forecast. >>> pressure is growing in washington to do something about the airport delays being brought on by those furloughed air traffic controllers. several senators calling o
public officials. paul kevin curtis, a part-time elvis impersonatoimpersonator, arrested last wednesday spoke to reporters shortly after his release. >> the last seven days, staring at four gray walls, not really knowing what's happening, not having a clue why i'm there. when you've been charged with something, you just never heard of it, ricin or whatever, i thought they said rice. i said i don't even eat rice. >> yesterday authorities searched the home of another man who is considered an online rival of mr. curtis. he denies having anything to do with the ricin letters. >>> stock markets on edge, temporarily knocked off its axis on tuesday by a single tweet. a hacker broke into the associated press's twitter account and posted that two explosions occurred in the white house and that president obama was injured. moments after that, the twitter account with nearly 2 million followers was suspended. the tweet actually did not disappear, the false message continued to spread because it was retreated more than 4,000 times. the dow lost almost 140 points instantly. if you didn't buy or sell
. dutschke had an ongoing feud with paul kevin curtis, the initial suspect who has now been cleared. >>> same-sex couples will be allowed to marry in rhode island beginning this august. the state senate voted yesterday to allow same-sex marriages. rhode island becomes the final state in new england to do so. >>> this was the risque or one of the risque photos that cost former new york congressman anthony weiner his job. and now, he admits he can't guarantee there aren't others out there. he says that it's possible other women may come forward to say he sent them inappropriate texts and tweets. he's considering a run for mayor of new york. >>> country singer legend glen campbell appeared before a senate committee on alzheimer's research. but it was his daughter, ashley, who addressed the senators because the disease has largely disabled her father. she spoke emotionally about her memories of him, like going fishing and playing banjo on his band. >> now, when i play banjo with my dad, it's getting harder for him to follow along. and it's getting harder for him to recall my name. >> ashley campb
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